Economic importance of blue green algae pdf
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Role of Blue Green Algae in Paddy Crop iMedpub. Blue Green Algae and Spirulina

economic importance of blue green algae pdf

Therefore, they are also termed blue-green algae (although they usually appear more green than blue). Human activities (e.g., agricultural runoff, inadequate sewage treatment, runoff from roads) have led to excessive fertilization (eutrophication) of many water bodies. This has led to the excessive proliferation of algae and cyanobacteria in fresh water and thus has had a considerable impact. 12/03/2011В В· Blue-green algae are treated as bio-fertilizers from olden days. Nostoc, Oscillatoria, Scytonema, Spirulina, etc. are used as fertilizers to rice fields. All these algae are fixed the atmosphere Nitrogen in to ground. Cultivation of Spirulina is gaining importance as feed for fish, poultry and cattle..
The varying level of blue-green algae that occurs in deep water storages does not occur in irrigation channels, rivers, creeks and streams, because they are much shallower; therefore, they currently have high levels of blue-green algae at all depths. "Super Blue green algae" are basically expensive pond scum in which cyanobacterium is a singled celled organism which produces its own food through photosynthesis. It serves as a "complete whole food" which contains 60% protein with all essential amino acids in perfect balance.

economic importance of blue green algae pdf

to study important biological activities or capabilities (Herrero and Flores 2008). In the early atmosphere the bulk of oxygen came from oxygenic photosynthesis by cyanobacteria (Schopf 2000).. On the other hand, algae play an important role in agriculture where they are used as biofertilizer and soil stabilizers. Reducing Agricultural Runoff Algae, particularly the seaweeds, are used as fertilizers, resulting in less nitrogen and phosphorous runoff than results from the use of livestock manure..
“Role of Algae in Agriculture Sciencing”.
logical sources of combined nitrogen is blue-green algae, the subject of this publication. The importance of blue-green algae was emphasized in 1973 by G. E..
economic importance of blue green algae pdf

Economic importance of cyanobacteria blue green algae - 5016901 Cyanobacteria has economic importance. As it is used in aquaculture, wastewater treatment, processing fertilizers, food products, vitamins, toxins and various enzymes.. Possibly the green algae are the ancestors of the green plants we love. Before them, the oceans were iron enriched - in solution -, and the oxygen precipitated this out as the banded iron formations of importance to industry today. Whether this is the origin of oil is debated.. The Kingdom Monera which includes all the bacteria including blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and the Protoctista which includes the protozoa, the diatoms and some algae are ….
Blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, are the most ancient of all photosynthetic organisms. Some produce poisons harmful to humans and possibly fatal to domestic animals and fish - neurotoxins and liver toxins, and skin allergens. The Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria): The algae are the simplest members of the plant kingdom, and the blue-green algae are the simplest of the algae. They have a considerable and increasing economic importance; they have both beneficial and harmful effects on human life. Blue-greens are not true algae. They have no nucleus, the structure that encloses the DNA, and no chloroplast, the

economic importance of blue green algae pdf
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