Road survey using total station pdf


road survey using total station pdf

Traverse networks involved placing the survey stations along a line or path of travel, and then using the previously surveyed points as a base for observing the next point.. Use ranging rods to insure that all 4 pins are in a straight line. 4. Use your normal walk to pace off each distance (i.e.: 0 to 20, 0 to 40 and 0 to 60) a total of 3.

road survey using total station pdf

Set up the total station on point A, target point B, and set out the points A1, A2, and A3 in this alignment in accordance with the planned length of the side of the building. With point B sighted, set the horizontal circle to zero, turn the total station by 90° and set …. Using your geometry equipment and the data in your table, draw a map of the area on grid paper provided by the surveyor or your teacher. Use a scale of 1 cm to 1 metre, i.e. 1:100..
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The use of survey rods under high-tension lines is extremely dangerous. Electricity can arc from high voltage lines to a metallic conductor at the ratio of one inch to every one thousand volts..
road survey using total station pdf

• If the visibility to GPS satellites is poor in the area, total station traverse survey subnet connecting to the main project network can be created using three-baseline surveys (Fig. 9.7). Collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers. • Graphical intuitive software with low learning curve. 4Site Survey - Total Station Interface This is the view a user will see when collecting data using a Total Station. The screen displays information related to the current reading mode, for example Resection, Traverse or Detail data capture (as below). Describes the Current Code The menu bar seen here at the base of the screen provides additional functionality to change the survey code.

road survey using total station pdf

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