Standard proctor test procedure pdf
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Proctor Soil Compaction Test Procedures Tools and Results. STANDARD PROCTOR COMPACTION TEST (ASTM D-698).

standard proctor test procedure pdf

The test now known as the British Standard light compaction test is very similar, although the equipment used differs in some details. At that time it was believed that the Proctor test represented in the laboratory the state. conjunction with either the Standard (AASHTO T-99) or Modified Proctor (AASHTO T-180) Density Test for determining the percent of Maximum Density. The details included in this test method are for use with the Standard Proctor Test..
The Proctor compaction test is a laboratory method of experimentally determining the optimal moisture content at which a given soil type will become most dense and achieve its maximum dry density. 7/11/2017В В· modified proctor test astm,proctor test, modified proctor test pdf, modified proctor test is code, standard proctor test lab report, modified proctor test apparatus,moisture content test modified

standard proctor test procedure pdf

The modified Proctor compaction test is a standard test procedure for compaction of soil using a higher energy of compaction. In this test, the compaction energy is equal to ft. 1b (2694kJ/m3). 56,250 Equipment The equipment required for the modified Proctor compaction test is the same as in Chapter 12 with the exception of the standard Proctor hammer (Item 3). The hammer used for this test. Lab Report #3: Standard Proctor Test for Soils Abstract Soil Compaction is the process in which stress is applied to a soil which causes densification as the voids are filled with solids..
“Proctor Handbook National Center for Competency Testing”.
The tests shown on Figure 1 are the result of two “Proctor compaction tests” on one soil. In In these tests, soil is compacted by a series of blows of a standard hammer in cylindrical molds.
standard proctor test procedure pdf

The remaining procedure is same as described above for 1000cc mould. In all the above cases make at least five determinations and the range of moisture content shall be such that the optimum moisture content at which the maximum. A standard piston is used to penetrate the soil at a standard rate. The pressure up to a penetration of 10mm and its ratio to the bearing value of a standard crushed rock is termed as the CBR. Test Procedure Moisture content • The soil is sieved over a 19mm sieve and the percentage of sample remaining on the sieve is calculated. This will determine the size of mould to be used in the CBR. standard proctor test was used to simulate the Pr octor compaction test for fine grained soils with particle size less than 2 mm. Further, the effort and time required to perform the compaction test.
Title: Compaction Control of Granular Soils Author: Richard J. Fragaszy, Christopher A. Sneider Subject: Angularity, Density, Dry density, Grain size \(Geology Reference is made to some of the classification tests described in BS 1377-2 and to BS 1377-1 for general requirements that are relevant to all Parts of this standard, and for methods of preliminary preparation of soil for testing.
DESCRIPTION. Proctor Standard Soil Compaction TRANSCRIPT PROCEDURE: (STANDARD PROCTOR COMPACTION TEST) Take approximately 10lb of soil sample. Pulverize the soil and run it through the #4 sieve. Determine the weight of the soil sample as well as the weight of the compaction mold with its base (without the collar). Compute the amount of initial water to add. Measure out the water, add it to the soil and then mix it thoroughly into the soil. Assemble
standard proctor test procedure pdf
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